Pace Academy

Atlanta, Georgia

Pace Academy boasts magnificent buildings, an atmosphere of learning and exploration, and now, one of the most incredible play environments known to kids. Designed to complement the castle-like buildings, this playspace blends form and function to bring adventure, imagination and loads of play and development to the students at Pace Academy. The Nucleus® Evolution® towers beg to be explored with rope climbers and slides that beckon children to play. A “bridge” from the second level of the school building brought an architect’s plans to life and transports children directly to the top of the tower where they can choose their own decent – slide or climb – and dig into the rest of this incredible play environment.



Pilot Park

Monroe, Georgia

Inspired by the mighty Riverboat Pilots and named after Pilot International, a piece of Georgia history, Pilot Park provides a beautiful backdrop for play! With ship-themed playspaces for ages 2-5 and 5-12, kids of all ages will thrive in this environment where they have space to play, run, imagine and grow together. Designed with a variety of play events surrounded by green space, this playspace brings all children together through play.



Mabry Park

Marietta, Georgia

Creating a place for kids, families and neighbors to gather helps communities thrive and creates a destination for everyone to meet. This playspace in Cobb County, GA does that while celebrating the history of the land where the park sits through a farm-themed play environment that fosters imagination, fun and development.

One of the keys to keeping people coming back to the park is keeping them engaged and offering opportunities for continued growth and challenge. From the Volta® Inclusive Spinner to the timeless and always loved swings, children and families in the community, and from around the area, return to this thoughtfully designed space over and over again.